The need for a personal injury lawyer can arise due to many reasons, i.e. car accidents, workplace injuries and medical malpractice. In as much as you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer, there are several facts you need to know beforehand. In this article, we are going to look at facts you need to know before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

  1. Initial consultations are free

The thought of lawyer fees often than not scare many people from hiring a lawyer. However, it is good to note that a good personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will be willing to meet up and discuss the basics about your case for free. From this consultation, he will tell you if you have a case to file or not and this will save you a big headache. Therefore, if you need the services of a personal injury lawyer, do not hesitate to seek them out of fear of costs. Instead, look out for a good lawyer and consult with him about your case.

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  1. Experience of the lawyer

A good lawyer has a specific kind of law that he has specialized in. Therefore, before hiring a lawyer, it is good to check out his experience in personal injury law. This will give you the confidence that your case is being handled by an expert in the field. A good experienced lawyer will be a good assurance that the possibility of winning your case and getting a good possible settlement.

  1. Beware of Shady Lawyers

A good lawyer will not look for you but it will be the opposite case, you will look for him. Therefore, when you get a mail, letter or a call from a lawyer after being involved in an accident, beware. It is always good to do a background check on a lawyer before you can actually hire him. It is also advisable to check out with friends, family relatives or colleagues of their experience if any with a lawyer before hiring any. This way, you might get good references that otherwise you would not have gotten.

  1. Filing a lawsuit is not always the situation

Lawsuits can be sometimes lengthy and expensive for nothing causing the defendant unnecessary trauma. Therefore, it is good to consult with others if a lawsuit is necessary as many cases are settled without even going to trial. A good lawyer will look into your case carefully and decide if the case needs a lawsuit or not. If not, then he will just get all the necessary information regarding your case to the insurance company and settle it without necessarily filing a lawsuit. This has proven to be a faster and less expensive option.

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  1. Lawyer fees

The services that any lawyer offers need to be paid for. Most of the personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. What this means is that the lawyer does not get paid any fee until your claim has been paid. This is a very good kind of a fee as it allows you as the client the opportunity to hire a great lawyer without having to pay the upfront fee. It is very important for you to know the amount of fee you will need to pay before hiring a lawyer. Lawyer fees are usually paid in terms of a perecentage of the settlement you get paid as the client.

  1. The Expenses are not always included in the fee

It is good to understand what the fee you are paying for includes. This is because the fee that a lawyer is paid is usually a percentage of the settlement you are paid. The lawyer’s fee only covers the lawyer’s time and nothing more. Therefore, if a lawyer has to pay someone else to work on your case, the fee he pays is referred to as expenses. What most of the lawyers do is that they pay the expenses and then bill you. This means that at the end of the case you will have extra amount to pay other than the fee. It is advisable to always ask about expenses before you signing the contract.

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  1. Insurance companies may want you to pay them back

When it comes to insurance, there are many misunderstandings that crop up especially in personal injury cases. It is good to beware of what the implication of having health insurance will mean. This is because if you have a health insurance and they happen to pay for your medical bills, you will need to pay them back after your settlement. A good lawyer ensures that you work together hand in hand with the insurance company so that you get the most out of the settlement.

  1. These cases will take time

It is good to know that cases can take a good time before they are completed. When hiring a lawyer, it is good to ask him how long he thinks the case will take before completion. If he is a good lawyer, he will give you a good estimate of the time the case will take. It is also good to be advised of false promises that might be made by your lawyer. These might be in the form of any possible quick settlements or fat cash. Take caution as these promises in the most cases turn out to be untrue.

  1. As always there are no guarantees in court

Do not be thrilled or excited by a lawyer who makes guarantees for your case. As a matter of a fact, distance yourself from that lawyer before you get in real deep trouble. A good lawyer is one who gives you his honest thoughts about your case. This way, you can work together on your case without any expectations. Therefore, you end up being comfortable with the outcome of your case as you had no expectations or guarantees made by your lawyer.

In conclusion, it is good to be fully informed before you can make decisions about hiring a lawyer. This way, you will end up getting the best personal injury lawyer to represent you in your case. Then you will be able to go through your case to the completion with ease or even get a faster and less expensive option.

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